Alagie Jaiteh is a young man and comes from Fatoto. Fatoto is a village around 400 kilometers drive from the tourist area.

He like to show the tourist how the rural Gambian people live in the villages.

African Village Tours

A visit to a local Gambian village is an eye-opening experience and interactive tour, giving insight into rural family life of the Gambian people.

Alagie Jaiteh will bring you to a quiet side of the rural countryside far from the tourist area, where you will meet the local inhabitants, go through introductions, and talk about their culture, customs and daily lives.

You will be shown the how their homestead is set up, the animals that they keep, what sort of equipment and utensils they use, the way their rooms set up, they kind of food they eat, and so much more. Depending on the time of your tour, you may participate in preparing food and/or other chores.

This tour is great for families and is suitable for everyone.

Tours are custom made and can be arranged for any time of the day.


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